The Extended Family

Domaines Laithwaite is a family business at its core, still owned and operated by the Laithwaites... with a little help from a couple of others

The Laithwaite Family Domaines Laithwaite

The Laithwaite Family


Domaines Laithwaite consists of properties owned and operated by the family in their passionate quest to prove that the wines of Castillon should be ranked alongside those of its lofty neighbour, Saint-Émilion.

Tony Laithwaite bought his first vineyard in 1980 with the first vintage in 1984 - we haven't looked back since!


Tony's son Henry has now taken up the baton.

Jean-Marc Sauboua Domaines Laithwaite

Henry Laithwaite


Henry's adventure started at 13 when he attempted to ferment pineapple juice under the watchful eye of his father, Tony. That did not work out too well for him, but the passion was there!

Fast forward to the present day and Henry is carrying on the family's work in Castillon at the Domaines Laithwaite, including his own property Château Verniotte. He also spends his time working on his English Sparkling venture at Harrow & Hope.

Jean-Marc Sauboua Domaines Laithwaite

Jean-Marc Sauboua

The resident winemaker at Domaines Laithwaite is Bordeaux-born Jean-Marc Sauboua. With occasional help from the family, JMS (as he's known to us) expertly sculpts the wines.

He comes with quite a pedigree too. JMS has been with us for over 10 years having previously trained at Château Haut-Brion and other highly acclaimed properties around the world.

Les Garçons de Domaines Laithwaite

L'Equipe de Domaines Laithwaite

Our estates are watched over by the property

manager Vincent Galineau, with the assistance of Olivier, Clement and Daniel.


This team work tirelessly together, all year round, through rain, hail and sunshine, to ensure the best harvest in every vintage.

Iain Muggoch Domaines Laithwaite

Iain Muggoch


Iain has over 25 years in wine, working with the key players and top wineries around the world.


His first jobs in wine were working on the 1989 and 1990 vintages at Château La Clariére. Since then he went on to become the Global Buying Director for one of the leading businesses in the alcohol industry. In 2013 he leapt at the opportunity to complete the circle and rejoin the Domaines Laithwaite as our General Manager.