Les Châteaux

Domaines Laithwaite is a collection of properties across Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux all owned and run by the Laithwaite family

The Separation of the Vineyards Domaines Laithwaite

Castillon has long been an area overlooked because of its close proximity to the more famous neighbours. Domaines Laithwaite was setup with the core mission to prove that it is simply a political dividing line and nothing to do with the potential of the wines.

Our vineyards enjoy the same terroir - particularly the famed limestone ridge - that wines selling at more than 10x the price benefit from. In some areas it is simply a dusty road that separates our vineyards from theirs.

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Château La Clarière

The jewel in the crown of Domaines Laithwaite and where this whole story began: to prove that Castillon could produce wines that rivalled Saint-Emillion

Château La Clariere Laithwaite Domaines Laithwaite

• Castillon is where Domaines Laithwaite all began in 1965


• The first vineyard for our flagship wine - Château La Clarière Laithwaite - was purchased in 1980


• Our first first harvest came four years later in 1984 with the first vintage of Château la Clarière Laithwaite in 1985

• Created through the world's first wine crowdfunding - the Confrères de La Clarière

• Setup to prove that Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux could match, even surpass, Saint-Émilion

• Tremendous success with over 100 awards


Le Presbytère

History and tradition are at the heart of Le Presbytère. Originally handmade

as a "family reserve", it is only crafted in the best vintages.

Le Presbytère Domaines Laithwaite

• Le Presbytère is a premium claret, a "family reserve"


• Made in a 12th century presbytery


• Originally destined only for the Laithwaite family table but deemed too good not to be shared


• Made solely from the property’s Merlot vines that are over 100 years old


• Low yields across the site but the unrivalled flavour of the fruit more than makes up for it


• Only made in the best Bordeaux vintages


Château Verniotte

The culmination of 10 years' hard work; the realisation of a dream to own this superb terroir, work the land and produce a wine that has identity and a sense of place 

Château Verniotte Domaines Laithwaite

• Bought by Henry Laithwaite in 2004 to challenge the illustrious (Saint-Émilion) neighbours; much like his father

• A small, well-equipped 200 sq metre winery


• Rigorous sorting and delicate handling

• Vintage variation to keep us on our toes and give each wine a unique character

• Hugh Johnson called Château Verniotte “a young man’s take on an ancient classic”


Château De Colombe

Our boutique, small batch, concrete-vatted winery located in the village of Sainte-Colombe in the heart of Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux

Château de Colombe Domaines Laithwaite

• Château de Colombe is our latest acquisition at Domaines Laithwaite


• A property complete with vineyards on the world-famous, south-facing limestone ridge

• A near neighbour of Château Faugères and Château de Pressac, Château de Colombe lies in the village of Saint-Colombe

• Our vineyards comprise of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon


• Old, mature vines that are famed for their rich texture and soft tannins


Château du Bois

A 20-hectare property located in Sainte-Colombe that features buildings dating back to the 14th century and a selection of Cabernet and Malbec vineyards

Château du Bois Domaines Laithwaite

• Our traditional château: a little fort on a hill with buildings on all four sides of a courtyard


• Originally constructed in the 14th century, this is probably the oldest surviving building in the village


• Legend has it this is where poets and musicians used to gather centuries back; the story that inspired our Trompettes D'Argent Malbec.

• The property consists of a large barrel hall with an additional residence


• In its prime this would have been one of the finest locations in the whole of Sainte-Colombe


Château du Bourg

Quite an unassuming village house from the outside but on closer inspection you realise that every aspect of this estate is finished to a very high specification

Château du Bourg Domaines Laithwaite

• That first vineyard purchase in 1980 began a journey that has carried on to this day


• As the Laithwaite family's commitment to the area grew, they realised they needed somewhere to live

• This property, one of the oldest buildings in the village, came with vineyards recorded as a century old


• Previously the estate had been neglected by its former owner, but the Laithwaites gradually restored the buildings and the ancient vineyards

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